By marino December 29, 2020 In Code

We’re Banking on 2021

As you say “Ta Ta!” to 2020, it’s time to start thinking about your resolutions for 2021. And since you’re so mature and smart, you’re no doubt focusing on financial goals.

And lucky for you, Fundrise can help with those investing goals. They bring diversification to just about any portfolio with real estate assets that are uncorrelated to the stock market.

Typically real estate investing has been the playground for the rich, but Fundrise brings you accessibility (no need for a present from a wealthy aunt), stability (they’re all about long-term investing), and technology (the platform is intuitive and easy).

And let us just give this it’s own paragraph: You can invest with Fundrise for as little as $500. Hmm, could be a good way to use Nana’s holiday check.

Make 2021 the year you diversify your portfolio. Get started with Fundrise.

(Here’s all the legal jargon we know you love reading.)