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Hi! My name is Marino Glažar. I am a Web Developer, and I am very passionate and dedicated to my work. With 10 years experience as a professional Web developer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make Your project a success. I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration to final product.

  • 1990
  • Downhill, Reading, Grill
  • University of Applied Sciences
  • Master
  • C, C++, Java (Eclipse IDE, Android studio), HTML, CSS, Saas, PHP, C# (Visual Studio), SQL, Objective C, SWIFT (Xcode), Bootstrap, Javascript
  • Vue.js, Angular, React, Ember.js, Node.js, Backbone.js, Laravel, Slim framework, Grav, Umbraco, Redux.js, WordPress
  • MongoDB, Mysql, MSSQL...

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I offer Top-Notch Services

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    We employ...

    ... best practice throughout all development stages, ensuring that all decisions are durable and stable in both the short-term and long-term.

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    Our Core...

    ...objective is to build reliable, secure and scalable systems at speed, minimizing time-to-market without compromising quality.

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    Actively encourage...

    ... open communication which enables our clients to make decisions with full confidence knowing that their goals will be achieved.

In short time, I have been able to achieve excellence in all areas of development.

Satisfaction when you deliver a fantastic piece of software and your client says: "This was awesome!"

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Software development is all about finding and engineering the best possible solution to existing problems.

Ongoing Projects :

In other words, the best marketing decision you can make is to have a product or business that fulfills a real and compelling need for a real and defined group of people — no matter how much tweaking and refining this takes.(c)

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    Fully Responsive

    All my work looks great in all devices: IPhone, Blackbarry, Tablet, and Laptops.
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    Friendly Support

    Our support team works 24/7. And they can help you any time, if You have any problem.
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    Cross Browsing

    Applications work stable in all modern web browsers. Such as Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari and etc.

We were looking for a person which has a large spectrum of programming knowledge and experience. The person who is always willing to help and does not have a problem to stay extra hours or work over the weekend if needed. And we found it 🙂

Bruno Ziterbart

CEO of TildeLoop.

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First-time bloggers often chase the big spikes in traffic that come with a viral post or a big media mention. Then lightning finally strikes… and they come to realize that those surges in traffic are made up mostly of people who aren’t very engaged and who don’t stick around for very long. (c)

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Crowds are the most difficult thing for me these days because I have to walk with my head down and my eyes averted. There's still that part of me that wants to hold my head up, make eye contact and smile. (c)